Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nudged by Apple?

No offence to iPhone users, but I found this bloody hilariously serious post on iPhone users:

iPhone users are delusional, consultants say

by Chris Matyszczyk

Many people I know are frightfully attached to their iPhones. They treat them as if they were a peculiar and exotic lover, one they can hardly believe they have managed to seduce.

The finely calibrated minds at Strand Consult have taken this analysis to a particularly simple conclusion: iPhone users are, the consultants say, really quite nuts.

The full article is here.

And the cause of this article, a report by Strand Consults, adds salt to the wound by listing the defences made against the iPhone, thereby listing all its initial (or existing?) flaws!

1. The first iPhone was not a 3G phone: What do you need 3G for? You can easily use the iPhone without using a 3G network and anyway, 3G is not particularly widespread, so this is not a problem.

2. The phone cannot send MMS: There is no need to send MMSs, hardly anybody sends MMSs.

3. You cannot forward a SMS: This is a function that hardly anybody uses and was therefore not included in the first iPhones.

4. The phone has a poor camera: The built-in camera is perfectly adequate and the iPhone takes fantastic photos with its camera.


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