Monday, September 28, 2009


It's strange how Quentin Tarantino has succeeded in making people say "bastards" more often than usual.

At the cinema:
Me : Can I have, er, 2 tickets to, er, Inglourious Basterds at 6.30pm?
Ticketing Guy: (professional voice) Two tickets to Inglorious Basterds coming up!

At my father-in-law's:
Father-in-law: What movie did you watch today?
Me: Er... English movie. Nice.
Father-in-law: What movie did you watch today?
My wife: (without flinching an eyelid) Inglourious Basterds.
Father-in-law: ...

Anyway -

The movie's fantastic. It works on the premise that you needn't belabour telling every frame of a revenge story set in Nazi era France - just pick 5 suitable "plots" within the whole revenge universe, delve deeply into each plot, make good connections between plots and you have a masterpiece.

The black humour is darker than usual, as the very serious topic of anti-semitism is given a sarcastic twist. Tarantino's mastered the art of carefully building up a scene from its initial premise, and adding in all the right elements of suspense which makes for some very uncomfortable and unforgettable anxiety-building scenes. Awesome!

It's not a Brad vehicle - although he did a wonderful job as what one might call a "hardcore yankee". Melanie Laurent is stunning and her acting's brilliant. Christoph Waltz is the star of the show, completely into the skin of the character he plays.

The movie might be considered a tad too long, but I see it as being worth my $8.

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TheHoopoe said...

I love the movie. It cracks me up :)