Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's been long

Since Ramadan started, it's been tough to write any entries. Priorities were for family, worship and of course, work. Just couldn't squeeze in any time for any telepathy...


I had a wonderful iftar session yesterday with some friends, many of whom are now scarily familiar with this blog ;) Thank you for the wonderful time.


Sleep seems to be a valuable commodity. Just can't get enough of you.


Last week, I had this fantastic retreat at the workplace, held at (drum roll) Crowne Plaza Hotel at Terminal 3. I know... airports aren't a typical place for retreats. But hey - it's new and they probably offered competitive rates. Great room ambience, superbly crafted toilets... and the view to the runway made the T3 hotel a superb experience.


TheHoopoe said...

wow ... that was awesome,
come and iftar with me? :)

yashila said...

we missed you yesterday :)Farhana and I were talking about how last yr it was the 5 of us and how things were without Zayed. Yest I was practically looking after Zayed.

NunBun said...

hey bro... I'll have an e-iftar with you ;)

the seeker said...

Wow....gorgeous room. Love the flower decor :)