Friday, August 08, 2008

Muzik Treet

Just before I went to Ananda Bhavan Tuesday night (yes, before the Ghee Overkill of 2008), I went on a music CD spree.

This last month, the best in Chennai had released their CDs – AR Rahman and Sakkarakatti, Harris Jayaraj and Sathyam, GV Prakash and Kuselan and Vidyasagar and Kuruvi.

These guys are a diverse bunch, each having a trademark style.

I heard Sakkarakati at a friend’s wedding, and I was shocked to hear two translated numbers (every now and then, ARR decides to just remake his old Hindi songs into Tamil). No harm in that – but it takes away the originality of the movie from him.

But he made the two songs enjoyable – by using the right singers. “Chinnamma” was one of my favourites from the classic but commercial flop “Meenakshi”, and a fabulous lady singer by the name of Chinmayi brought out the flavour of the song. “I miss you da” and “Taxi taxi” are really cool as well. This album is vintage ARR.

I was expecting Mr Jayaraj to throw up his classic tunes AGAIN. But amazingly, out of 5 songs, 3 sounded very new! I’m speechless. I’m also speechless that for this 25th movie of his (Sathyam), Jayaraj made the extremely doofy Premji sing an entire bloody song! How’s that. My favourite is “En Anbe”, even though it smacks of a copy of another song. It’s something different and interesting.

GV Prakash has some good tunes in Kuselan. But the over-the-top praising of Rajni and the use of too many instruments mar this album. Seriously, the “ankat bola” to Rajni is excessive. No thanks to P. As in P. Vasu.

The best surprise is Kuruvi. Vidyasagar shows some real nifty creative work in “Happy New Year” feat. Yogi B, and “Palanathu”. This album far superior to Kuselan. It has the standard duets and peppy songs, and they're all enjoyable.


jalsa... said...

sakkarakatti is very good.. i really enjoyed the maruthani song.. then after sometime got hooked onto taxi nanba...

NunBun said...

Did you notice that "elay" is very similar to Roobaroo in Rang De Basanti?