Saturday, March 08, 2008


We visited dad's resting place today. My Ustaz had said that we needed to ensure the place where he lay was properly cleaned and maintained, if not it might be sunken more than the rest and it might be damaged by the elements. On the contrary, it was pretty well-maintained as the contractor had done a good job of putting a grass mound on it and cleaning around it.

We recited Yaasin for Dad and put some flowers and rose water on the mound. The tombstone contractor was incidentally around the area, and when asked for ideas on beautifying the area, he asked us to refer to other burial mounds to get ideas. Eventually we decided on making a garden-themed mound, with flowers and stuff. Dad liked gardens and flowers. He had nicely landscaped the house in India to resemble a mini botanical garden. He had even brought a flower or two from Singapore to plant it there through marcotting, as that particular variety was unavailable in India. We plan to get some flowers from the garden in India to plant it on his mound, just the way he would have liked it.

Clouds overhung the cemetery, against the blue sky. It reminded me of the serenity I felt on the day we came to lay dad to rest. May all the souls rest in peace with the Almighty.

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