Sunday, September 18, 2005

Yo Yo Ethno! - A Short Documentary

After taking some time off to vent my displeasure at murderous terrorists in Iraq, I resume what the Telepathic Brinjalees set out to do waaaay back in the first second post.

Presenting: a video-ethnography I did in 2003, with the wonderful 'n graceful Farin B Salleh and sweet 'n petite Joanie Koh, examining the identity crises issues the youth hip-hop subculture in Singapore faces. Befittingly, this mini-docu's entitled: Yo Yo Ethno! After Joanie suggested it, it sounded so crazily crass that we all had a good laugh. But still. It's a great title. I love it.

So enjoy it, but it's a bit huge though, 100-over mb. I'm not too sure how to stream it, and whether Internet Archive allows it. If anyone has any bright ideas, let me know.

Click here to download Yo Yo Ethno!

And of course: Credits!

Script: Farin B Salleh, Joanie Koh, Mohd Jalees
Camera: Ditto
Narrator: Farin B Salleh
Interjecting voices and noise: Farin B Salleh, Joanie Koh, Mohd Jalees
Interviewed Folks: Dancers Marie and Mathew, and Rap group “Trilogy”, consisting of Abdillah Fariq and Hafiz.

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