Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Faith, unplugged.

I'm rekindling my faith.

Ever so often, I forget who I am and begin to think that I am someone else. I begin thinking that I am a smart, high-net worth individual who is able to steer the world in ways unimaginable to the "rest of the world". I think that I am born leader, able to charm other like-minded people into working for a collective good and enabling massive transformation in society, community, the works. I also think that I have talents so great that this world is not enough, my potential so great that most things pale in comparison.

All it takes is a few bitch-slaps on my face to tell me that I got it all wrong.

It is the simple hijacking of a meeting agenda that tells me that there are people with more persuasive powers than me.

It is the simple lack of response by a scholarship committee to tell me that I may not be the candidate they want.

It is the simple, sudden cut-off of contact by ex-friends (I coined that term, thanks!) to tell me that no, not everybody loves me.

These are the small things that stop you in your tracks and make you do a physical, mental and emotional double-take and realise that whatever you have, is a gift given by this Being that calls itself Allah, and that without Allah, you are nothing. Absolutely nothing.

I am rekindling my faith.

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