Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Realisation on multiple levels

Lost another one today, I think. Not sure why, but it's a loss. I feel it. Hopefully things will be okay. But I doubt it. These things are remarkably fragile.

Third consecutive day without my work laptop at home. Amazing feeling. I need to do this to pace myself, if not it's going to be a total burnout.

A shocking realisation during the staycation last weekend - I had put on weight. Lots of it. A sinking feeling came upon me, that the fabled "by about age 30 your metabolic rate will slow down and you'll put on weight" prophecy had come true. This is indeed my "sputnik" moment - I have to do something about my weight gain...


Good Times said...

lol, are you serious bro? Maybe its just a slight increase :) Anyway we should meet up soon...been a long time since we've met.

NunBun said...

Ya serious lah bro... seemingly thin. But actually not. Yes, let's meet.