Wednesday, September 01, 2010


I had told Yashila last year that I'd celebrate her 30th birthday with blast, fireworks, histrionics and all the hoo-haa. This was in response to her sentiments of getting old and tired with two young children – I immediately told her “I will throw a big birthday bash for you, inviting all your hundreds of friends and relatives.” She was sceptical but trusted my bravado. Poor thing.

The dramatic events in the first half of the year put an end to the big bash I had planned for. We were all tired and not in any mood for major events management. I told her this and she accepted this without complaining.

Then about 2 weeks before her birthday, something told me that she deserved more than a iftar session at some nice restaurant with the kids. I thought – why not invite her family and some good friends and breakfast and surprise her off her toes?

As with all things which I put my mind to, I immediately hatched a plan with single-minded cold calculation– I notified everyone who’d come and booked a private cosy corner at Amirah’s Grill at Arab Street. We all acted like nothing was happening on 28 Aug. Only Zayed started talking about her birthday about a week before, and repeated that he’d get his mom a present. I was wondering why in the world he became so obsessed with his mom’s birthday, of all years, but didn’t make too much of it.

The day came – as usual, the boys were bawling and making a mess at home, as Yashila didn’t feel as if it was her special day, apart from the customary birthday kiss from us boys. We got ready, drove down to Amirah’s Grill...

... and a surprise it was. Everyone did a fantastic job of being there on time and doing the whole “surprise” thing, with the birthday song. Fantastic. Yashila was thrilled and really, we were all so happy that she was happy.

The food was excellent, the company was superb, and everything was swell.

Happy birthday, my love.

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