Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Last Sunday morning, Jalsa organised a morning jog & "TV-style" exercise routines at McRitchie. It think it's a superb idea to mix health, friends and nature.

Anyway, after the 3 hours or so, the body began to "pain" a bit. (Needless to say, it got worse the next day - please note that I have not lifted my butt for any aerobic activity for the last 9 months). That TV-style workout was absolutely crazy. Jalsa is a slave-rider baby.

Looking forward to next Sunday's session. In case you're finding it hard to move your own butts to do some jogging, read this.

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Nalini said...

Don't make me feel guilty dude! I've been procastinating...

First, it was my broken foot.

Second, the advice from my physiotherapist to 'go slow' (which I conveniently interpreted as 'sit ya ass down')

Third, the snow.

All boiling down to this: I'll start next week.