Saturday, September 26, 2009

Someone Like You

"Unnaipol Oruvan", when translated to English, sounds like a Hollywood romanticomedy. But this remake of Neeraj Pandey's "A Wednesday!" in Hindi last year is anything but a romanticomedy. Kamal once again proves that he is more than just about making good movies - he is into making exceptional movies.

No need to go into the technicalities of the show- it was a superb movie, tightly shot, excellent acting by most cast members, especially Kamal and Mohanlal, and a nice background score to go with the whole "rebel" mood of the show.

What I want to ask, without giving away too much of the plot, is how much the Muslim world has acted to condemn terrorist attacks committed in the name of Islam. Frankly, it hasn't done as much as it should.

If we believe that Muslims are a people of peace, non-violence and submission to the One God, then why are we not more vocal against those who slaughter people in His name? The refusal of Indian Muslims in India to give a Muslim burial to the 9 terrorists who killed 183 people (including a Singaporean) last year in Mumbai was one of the most open condemnations against terror. (To not give a Muslim his proper burial is tantamount to labelling him a non-Muslim)

I thought "Unnaipol Oruvan" came close to doing this, but the filmmakers had other ideas - more on a nationalistic scale than anything else.

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