Friday, December 05, 2008


The whole family had a nice time at Batam last week. Ok lah, by "whole family" I mean the three of us. It was Zayed's first trip out of Singapore. Man, he was thrilled. He knew we weren't in Kim Tian, at the very least. He was like a man on fire in the resort suite - crawling up and down and spewing out all his "ahh"s and "oohs" and screams of joy.

The highlight was the trip to the swimming pool on the second day. He was totally into the whole waddling-in-water thing. He was moving his arms and legs all over the place. After about 30 or 40 minutes, we ended the session and he slept on and on... he basically tired himself out!

We tried to entertain ourselves by walking around the hotel area to get cheap food, and taking a cab to the nearest city centre. We had some smashing ayam penyet, unexpectedly spicy like hell and some A&W root beer float to douse the spice.

Batam's largely undeveloped - it's rustic and calm. There's nothing much to do there, so it's perfect for a short retreat.

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