Monday, May 12, 2008

My Role

Abdul Ghafoor Mosque - Photo taken on 17 Nov 2006

It was a late day in the office. I was tired and my muscles were aching. The laptop weighed down on my back like an anvil. The phad thai and pineapple rice, dinner for tonight, hung over my tightly clenched fingers. The half-watermelon added to the weight, straining my fore-arms. The tin of baby poweder, for which I had to make a detour to Fairprice to the get the fairest price (no less), completed the gravitational torture my arms had to endure after a tiring day at work. Every step I took, I felt as though I was forcing myself to inch forward. The headache did not help to ease matters.

Just then, a voice asked me: "When you have everything laid out for you, on a gold platter, with fruits and milk, fragrance, and cool wind, will you not suffer a bit for Him?" At that point, I realised the folly of my thinking.

This is not the time to think about resting. This life is all about working. The Creator has provided the created with gifts unimaginable to most people. He has also given his creation the task of being the wasilah for those around him. Throughout our lives, we have various wasilah who are there to dispense the mercy of Allah onto you. The Prophet s.a.w. was the greatest wasilah of Allah, who gave us the message of Allah, in effect being the wasilah of the greatest of rahmah of Allah.

And so each of us is a wasilah for someone else. We are Allah's servants only if we realise it to be. I am the wasilah for my wife and son. Food must reach them for their well-being, and I am the conduit for that. A little inconvenience on that path is just that - a little.

I straightened my crooked gait and increased my pace. I will fulfill my duties, Insha Allah. I forgot any pain I felt, and endured this brief discomfort for the sake of Allah. The healthy body that Allah has bestowed upon me - Masha Allah! - is a tough and a good one.

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