Saturday, May 26, 2007


After a meeting at One Raffles Quay one nice afternoon

My Dear NunBun (of May 2006),

On the completion of 365 days of your first job, and on the 50th blog-entry anniversary of the Telepathic Brinjalees, let me recount the events of the past year and the lessons I have for you, in the event you go back in time to re-live the last one year as a younger version of me.

- Work. It’s your first job. There was a major project going on. Both the place and you need time to adjust to each other, so you’re not as stupid or slow as you think you are. Eventually, you will get used to the pace and volume of work.

- Recognition. Everything in this world is temporary. No one’s going to remember the sudden influx of awards and media coverage of self for so-called academic achievements after a year, so be humble and continue to work hard and do your best in whatever you do.

- Marriage. Be thankful for having a partner who has been created just for you to moderate your moronic temperaments, mood swings and lust for Coca-Cola.

- Home. This one is nasty. Although you would’ve bought your flat for hundreds of thousands of dollars, the small things can nick you from behind, and some heartache might ensue. Forgive and get on with life. In any case, your living abode (flat) is as temporary as your life on Earth.

- Friendship. You must be grateful for getting the opportunity to make friends for whom you have always supplicated for. Treasure them and engage them as much as you can.

- Knowledge. Do not thing you know it all – there’s always something you don’t. Seek knowledge and seek to spread the knowledge to everyone who might be interested.

- Time. You should already know by now that it flies. Make your experience here a worthwhile one, and aim to make a contribution to the people around you. Your time may come anytime and you must remind yourself of this continually.

- Worship. It’s not just about prostrating. Make every single thing you do an act of worship. Don’t be uptight and keep a straight face. Learn to smile easily and think positive. This is in itself worship if the intention is there.

That’s all I can think of now. More pearls of wisdom when I’m 60, if I do reach it.

May 2007


Yashila said...

Good reflection on the learning to smile and thinking positive. It's a miracle how you could change the moods of the ones next to you with your own moods :)

jalsa... said...

well well.. mr rhetoric, just to let you know... you got a typo.. in the knowledge part. its think... not thing...

NunBun said...

Not everyone's perfect lah bro... please accept my flaws...

TheHoopoe said...

I have been warned that after I insert an entry in this Blog, it has the effect of putting other people "off" from leaving theirs.

So, I have decided to leave an entry after others have left theirs with just a simple message:

Pearls of wisdom indeed. I concur and agree with all the points raised therein.


Yashila said...

Oh, what would our blog posts be,
If they miss your comment entry.
We wait for the Hoopoe to sing,
For his song carries so much meaning.

TheHoopoe said...

Masya-Allah to the honour granted to me
But it truly belongs to The One who created thee
I am equally inspired by the friendships extended to me
I am truly grateful to have such wonderful companions in this arduous journey