Saturday, November 25, 2006

Pay Royale

Just read in a newspaper article that 10 months into 2006, the resignation rate in the Singapore Civil Service is 5.2%, compared with 4.8% for the whole of last year. And graduates are the top contributors to the attrition. Why, my fellow graduates? I thought the pay was pretty good. OK lah, not everyone can tahan the bureaucracy. To survive, you just have to flow widdit, yo.
I think Casino Royale is darned good, and Daniel Craig is pretty bloody good as Bond. It's not a typical Brosnan franchise, this Craig version looks all set to follow the angsty pangs of Batman Begins. The actions bits are short; the acting and conversational bits are hefty. The really good moments were when the camera just focuses on one or two characters at a time, letting the gravity of the situation sink into the audience. It really does the Bond franchise a lot of good, I hope they can continue the good job. Watch out for the last scene where Bond is Born. I just thought the movie dragged on for a little wittle bit more than it should have. Unfortunately, folks in Tamil Nadu, India, think that Bond should be more Rajni and less Kamal. Their tepid response to Casino Royale has resulted in the Indian distributor deleting the major poker scenes, which no one seemed to understand (neither did I, but hey). Now the movie's shorter and "racier" in Tamil Nadu, and everyone's happy.
This has nothing to do with Bond, but I also managed to catch Thimiru after so long. Vishal looks as moronic as ever, and it surprises me to no end that all of his 3 movies have been hits. To be fair, the movie was ok, made more bearable by the stylish background beats of Yuvan. But it was the normal One-Quiet-Man-Having-An-Unimaginable-Past that ended up being quite unimaginable in the wrong sense. Pretty Shreya Reddy thought she had given her best, but she was over-(re)acting. You can watch Thimiru if you want to spend some quality time with your mother if she insists on watching Thimiru. It's definitely better than the damned-in-hell mega serials.

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