Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Hunger pangs of renewal

4.30 am
- Woken up from deep sleep to eat the pre-dawn meal (sahur). Prawn curry, rice, spicy fried potatoes and papddam are the items.

5.33 am - Enter Ramadan: the first day of fasting starts.

6.30 am - After eating and performing the morning prayer (swolatul Fajr), I feel full with food. It's a wierd feeling to eat rice in the morning. I go to sleep.

10.30 am - Fast forward to lecture in school. Hunger pangs strike. Head begins to ache. I'm pretending everything's fine and that it's a beautiful day.

12.30 pm - Hunger pangs are more serious. Head hurts like crazy every time I bend down. No good. Afternoon prayer (swolatul Zuhr) is a struggle.

3.35 pm - Lecture is unbearably boring and lor bloody sor. I feel nauseous, and even the lecturer asks if I'm fine. I reply that I have a headache.

5.23 pm - Home sweet home and a 1 hr nap. Still head hurts.

6.57 pm - Fast is broken. Sweet, carbohydrate-laden dates, kueh-kueh, and rice porridge from the mosque make everything disappear. No headache, no hunger. I'm back!

7.53 pm - To mosque for night prayers (swolatul 'Isha) and superogatory Ramadan prayers (swolatul Terawih).

And so begins the month of Ramadan in the Islamic year 1426 A.H. The days will get better; experience tells me that I'll feel healthier, 'lighter', and I'll feel as if I could make do without food for longer periods. It is a time of solitude, a time of contemplation, time of constraint, a time to forgive and ask forgiveness, a time for cleansing and renewal. It will be a different life for a month - a life of simple routine, of increased communication with oneself, of detachment for the normal things one holds so dear everyday.

Welcome, Ramadan.


jalsa... said...

mike.. you took ur sahur at 4.30 pm?? u prayed ur fajr at 5 plus pm... dei wake up da dei...

Yashila said...

Wow Jalsa so observant huh? Even I missed it. Now that u've mentioned it, it's so funny.

NunBun said...

Heh... pai seh. Must've been dozing off in front of the PC.